NIU Department of Mathematical Sciences
2002 Commencement Awards

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Deans' Award

Awarded to students who made substantial contributions to the university community and who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship.

Department of Mathematical Sciences Chairman's Award

Awarded to a graduate in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement.

Division of Statistics Director's Award

Awarded to a graduate (Bachelor or Master) in recognition of outstanding academic achievement.

Certificate of Merit

Awarded to graduates in recognition of superior academic achievement.



Honorable Mention Awards

Awarded to graduates in recognition of their academic involvement and standing. Based on academic achievement.



The D.R. Ostberg Award

Awarded to a continuing student, based on academic achievement.

Stelford Prize

Awarded to a graduate in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. Based solely on academic achievement.

Gail Masters Gallagher Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding student majoring in Mathematical Sciences who will have junior class rank during the next academic year. Based on academic achievement.

Margariete Montague Wheeler Scholarship

Awarded to a junior mathematics education major who will be continuing his or her studies at Northern next year. Based on academic achievement and potential as a teacher.

Margariete Montague Wheeler Teaching Award

Awarded to graduating students judged to have the most potential as mathematics teachers. Based on performance in student teaching and other clinical experiences, as well as academic achievement.

Certificate of Teaching Excellence

Awarded to doctoral students, based on sustained excellence as graduate teaching assistants as well as academic achievement.

Mathematics Department Contest

Each spring semester the department holds a contest consisting of a three-hour exam that is open to all undergraduates and structured so that advanced students have no advantage.
The 2002 winners are:

Putnam Exam

Exemplary Student Teacher in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

2002 NIU Outstanding Woman Student Award

Past Awards

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