NIU Math Department Colloquium

These take place in DU348 at 4pm on Fridays (unless otherwise noted).

Upcoming events - Fall 2018

  • Novermber 16th: Justin Lynd (University of Louisiana), TBA

Spring 2019

  • January 18th: James Waterman (Open, UK), TBA
  • January 25th: Jun Hu (Brooklyn College, CUNY), Conformal barycentric extensions of circle maps
  • March 21st: George McNinch (Tufts University), Group cohomology and levi decompositions for linear groups
  • March 22nd: George McNinch (Tufts University), Some tools for the study of reductive groups over local fields
  • March 29th: Boris Mordukhovich (Wayne State University), Variational Analysis: New Trends and Developments
  • April 25th: Sarah Koch (University of Michigan), Mating habits of polynomials
  • April 26th: Sarah Koch (University of Michigan), The dynamics of Newton's Method



Past events

  • September 14th: Kyeong Hah Roh (Arizona State University), Can mathematical training help logical thinking?
  • September 28th: Peter Hinow (University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee), Size-structured populations with distributed states at birth
  • October 5th: Luise-Charlotte Kappa (SUNY Binghamton), Finite coverings: A journey through groups, loops, rings and semigroups.
  • October 12th: Jeff Thunder (NIU), Siegel's Lemma, Heights, and the Geometry of Numbers
  • October 26th: Tyler Bongers (Washington University at St. Louis), Geometry of quasiconformal maps
  • November 8th (Thursday): Megan Wawro (Virginia Tech), Exploring Teaching and Learning through Inquiry-Oriented Linear Algebra
  • November 9th: Megan Wawro (Virginia Tech), Student Reasoning about Linear Algebra in Quantum Physics


Questions/comments: fletcher (at) math (dot) niu (dot) edu