Department of Mathematical Sciences

MATH 420 HOMEPAGE (In progress)

FALL 2017

Abstract Algebra I

TEXT: Abstract Algebra by Beachy and Blair, third edition. We will cover most of the first three chapters. The prerequisite for this course is MATH 240. We will use matrices in some important examples, but the main reason for the requirement is to attempt to guarantee a certain level of "mathematical maturity."

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The student is expected to acquire an understanding of the elementary theory of groups, together with the necessary number theoretic prerequisites. There will be some discussion of the computational aspects of these topics, but the main thrust of the course will be theoretical. The student will be expected not only to follow the proofs presented in class and in the text, but also to learn to construct new proofs. Proofs must be logically correct and care must be taken to write precisely and in grammatically correct English.

PRQ: MATH 240, Linear Algebra

GRADING: There will be weekly homework problems assigned, one regular exam, and a final exam. Each homework set will be worth 25 points, the midterm is worth 100 points, and the final is worth 200 points.

WITHDRAWAL: The last day for undergraduates to withdraw from a full-session course is Friday, October 20.

ACADEMIC CONDUCT: Academic honesty and mutual respect (student with student and instructor with student) are expected in this course. Mutual respect means being on time for class and not leaving early, being prepared to give full attention to class work, not reading newspapers or other material in class, not using cell phones or pagers during class time, and not looking at another student's work during exams. Academic misconduct, as defined by the Student Judicial Code, will not be treated lightly.

DRC STATEMENT: If you have specific physical, psychiatric, or learning disabilities and require accommodations, please let your instructor know early in the semester so that your learning needs may be appropriately met. You will need to provide documentation of your disability to the DRC (Disability Resource Center) Office located in the Health Services Building, 4th floor.