MATH 440 Spring 2018

Basic Information

Course Outline and Objectives

We will be using the online text A First Course in Complex Analysis, by Beck, Marchesi, Pixton and Sabalka. The student is expected to acquire an understanding of the basic theory of complex analysis. You will be expected not only to follow the proofs presented in class and in the text, but also to learn to construct new proofs. Proofs must be logically correct and care must be taken to write precisely and in grammatically correct English.

Course Prerequisite

The prerequisite for this course is the usual first three semesters of calculus together with a semester of linear algebra.


There are a plethora of books dealing with complex analysis. The text by Conway is a popular one. Feel free to check out the library to see what tickles your fancy.

Course Withdrawal

The last day for undergraduates to withdraw from the course without penalty is Friday, March 9. Graduate students can figure out the last drop day on their own (after all, you are graduate students).

Grading Scale

Grades will be based on homework, a midterm exam and the final exam. The weights for these are 50%, 25% and 25%, respectively.


Homework will be collected once a week on Mondays. It will be turned in at the beginning of class. You are free to work with other students on the homework; in fact, this is encouraged. Sloppy and/or illegible work will be returned back with no credit! Your homework is something of which you should be proud (notice how I didn't end with a preposition there). Expect to spend lots of time on it. All of the homework problems will be checked to see that each has been done, and certain of the problems will be graded in detail, but just which problems from each assignment will be graded will not be announced in advance.


The midterm exam will be during class on Wednesday, March 7.

The final exam is Monday, May 7 from 4:00 to 5:50 in the afternoon.

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