MATH 780 Spring 2019 Section 1

Basic Information

Text and Syllabus

The textbook for the course is Number Theory in Function Fields by Michael Rosen. We will attempt to cover most of the material from the first eight chapters, then move on to other stuff as time allows.

Grading Scale

Grades for section 1 will be based on homework and the final exam. The weights for these are 70% and 30%, respectively.


Homework will be assigned somewhat irregularly; I will usually have one assignment per week. I'll announce assignments (and due dates) in class and also post them to this webpage. You are free to work with other students on the homework; in fact, this is encouraged. Sloppy and/or illegible work will be returned back with no credit! Your homework is something of which you should be proud (notice how I didn't end with a preposition there). Expect to spend lots of time on it.

Homework Assignments


Disability Resource Center Statement

If you need an accommodation for this class, please contact the Disability Resource Center as soon as possible. The DRC coordinates accommodations for students with disabilities. It is located on the 4th floor of the Health Services Building, and can be reached at 815-753-1303 or Also, please contact me privately as soon as possible so we can discuss your accommodations. Please note that you will not be required to disclose your disability, only your accommodations. The sooner you let me know your needs, the sooner I can assist you in achieving your learning goals in this course.

Homer does math!

Yes indeed, there's plenty of math humor to be found in the Simpsons. Just look and see!

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