NIU Department of Mathematical Sciences
Introduction to the Computer System

The network

The departmental computer network currently consists of a few dozen Unix workstations, as well as several PCs and Macs. They are all linked by an Ethernet network, which in turn connects to the campus backbone.

To use the workstations you need a valid departmental computer account. The procedure for obtaining one is described here. Note that this account is valid on Math Department computers only.

The workstations are all shared in the sense that your account is valid on all of them. However, some of them are servers, or are intensively used by their "owners", and some belong to the Statistics Division. Please ask the system manager which machine you should be accessing remotely.

Help and documentation

Most of the documentation is available on-line (if you are reading this on the screen, you already know that!) Tell your browser to access the page and start there.

Whom to contact

The system manager can be contacted by e-mail (, by phone at (815) 753-6727, or in person (Watson Hall 325) with questions about the Math Department computing facilities.

Main Math Department office: Watson Hall 320, (815) 753 0567,

Computer Committee Chair: Greg Ammar. Statistics Division Computer Committee representative: Alan Polansky.

NIU Information Technology Services Helpdesk: (815) 753-8100
CLA&S Computer Support:, 815 753 7953

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