NIU Department of Mathematical Sciences
Obtaining an account

Each user of the departmental workstations must have a computer account which makes him "known" to the system. An account consists of a username (or login name) and a password. The login name is public information.

The password should always be kept secret. This is very important: it isn't just your privacy that is at stake - it is a matter of integrity and security of the entire system. Never 'lend' your password to anyone, not even close friends; if they are entitled to it, they can get an account of their own.

To obtain an account, contact the system manager. Whenever possible we use the last name as username, e.g. johnson. If you have other strong preferences, indicate them when you request an account. The username will be known to the world as part of your electronic mail address (e.g.

A temporary password will be given to you when all the necessary files are set up. You should change this password to a private one when you log in the first time; instructions on doing this and suggestions for choosing a good password are available here. All users should read and observe basic rules established on our system.

Computer use policies

There is no official departmental computer use policy at this time. We expect all users to observe the general campus computer regulations, and to show common sense, courtesy towards fellow users, and respect for their needs.

Please note that a Math Department computer account is a privilege which can be taken away in case of serious transgressions. Moreover, the system is funded by money allocated to faculty and graduate research, and to office support work. The equipment and the software should be used for these purposes.

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