Please read before you leave for a break or permanently

If you are leaving for a longer time (more than a week at a time), and won't be reading your e-mail, please get off of all high-volume mailing lists. You may also want to set up a "vacation" message, and/or enable mail forwarding if you will be using a different computer system. If you aren't sure how to do all this, let me know.

If you are planning to log into the system from remote locations, I need to know your whereabouts a bit in advance. Knowing that user X is likely to SSH from domain Y can save me a lot of time and anxiety.

This is a very good time to do some spring cleaning. Please go through your mailbox and the home directory and delete the accumulated junk (disk usage has been growing at an alarming rate). See a separate document for details.

Mainly for students

If you are leaving the department you should make arrangements with me. I need to know whether your account should be kept open, and if so, for how long. If you don't, the account will be deleted after about 2 months of inactivity. If you know what your future e-mail address is, and you do not need to use our computers, then I can easily set up mail forwarding while closing the account itself. This is much preferred over keeping idle accounts open.

You may want to ask for a copy of your home directory on a CD. Both you and I will then be more at peace, knowing that you have an extra backup in your hands.

"Slow" periods such as the summer are my only chance to do some major software and hardware upgrades. Please save your files and log out completely whenever you leave for more than a day or two.

If you have trouble connecting from the outside to Math but not to other places, especially if the problems are persistent, I'd like to know.

Thanks a lot, and best of luck.

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