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All files created during each day are backed up to tape in the early morning. From time to time a complete "snapshot" of all user and system files is made on tape. It is therefore fairly easy to recover documents deleted by mistake. Our backup system has been very reliable.

However, if a file is created and then deleted during the same day, it cannot be backed up. Moreover, tapes or the backup procedure can fail, so there is no 100% guarantee.

When requesting a lost file to be restored, please do your best to provide accurate information about its location (pathname), the time when it was last modified, and when it was deleted. This will make it much easier to find the document quickly among the gigabytes of data on the tapes.

If you wish to make a special backup of some of your data, for example the final version of an important manuscript, or if you have some old files on the system which are not being accessed but you are hesitant to remove them altogether, they can be transferred to a special tape, or a ZIP disk. Contact the system administrator for help in doing this.

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