NIU Department of Mathematical Sciences
Logging In

You can log into the departmental workstations either remotely over the network with SSH, or while sitting at the console of one of the computers.

You should see the prompt which looks like

rushmore login:
If the screen is black, do not reach for the power switch! Just hit the Return key to bring the machine to life. Type your username assigned to you when your account was set up and press Return. The next prompt will ask for the secret password. Type it carefully (it won't show up on the screen), and press Return again.

If you have problems, make sure the Caps Lock key is not on - passwords are case sensitive. If you can't log in after several attempts, contact the system manager.

You should see a prompt such as

rushmore.janedoe %
This indicates that the system is ready for your commands. You should now experiment with some basic Unix commands. If you are sitting in front of the workstation (as opposed to logging in remotely), you may want to start the X-Windows user interface which lets you access our online help system with programs such as Netscape.

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