New and updated software

Here are a few packages which you might want to try out.

GNUPG, or "GNU Privacy Guard", is an open source replacement for PGP (see overview of PGP, and using GNUPG).

mutt is a mail program, a descendant of elm. It is more modern than elm, and is being actively developed. It also has a reputation for being less buggy and more secure than pine and elm, but just as easy to use. Current elm users should have no problem switching to it.

Note that one of the reasons many people dislike our e-mail software is that programs such as mutt or elm use the vi editor by default, and that can be hard on the novices. But most mail programs can be configured to use any text editor!

tkrat is a GUI mail client, somewhat similar to Eudora and Outlook. It handles attachments well and is very customizable.

The future of netscape is in question. We are encouraging everyone to start using the open source browser Mozilla. If you want to switch, please let the system manager know.

We also have some new TeX fonts; please see the instructions for using them.