NIU Department of Mathematical Sciences
Information For Local Users

Office matters

Accounting Forms (travel voucher etc.)
Information Brochure
Current office and phone numbers
Scheduling form (for seminars etc.)
Faculty information and teaching schedules (work in progress)
Leave days form (HR benefit statement)
Faculty vita updates - "Digital Measures" website
  make sure to scroll to the bottom and click "Save" after making changes
  see Elizabeth if you have questions
State of Illinois Ethics Training
Ethics Office
Time reporting website
Procurement communications reporting

Academic affairs

NIU and LAS Personnel Regulations
Departmental Policies and Procedures
Criteria for Graduate Faculty Membership

Math and CS jobs from "Academic Keys"


Course coordinators
Course syllabus policy
Entering final grades in MyNIU (requires Novell login)
DuSable Media Equipment Distribution Center
Sample DRC and academic conduct statement for course syllabi; also see the DRC notice which appears on the Courses page
Lecture dates generator


Campus directory
About course Web pages
Before you leave

Last modified: 09/15/2016