Educator Licensure Admission and Retention


Undergraduate students seeking a B. S. degree in Mathematics and students seeking licensure without pursuing a degree must meet the following requirements for Admission to the Educator Licensure Program in Mathematics:

  1. Undergraduate students must declare their major with the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

  2. All students must attend a mandatory advisement session with the Coordinator of Educator Licensure two semesters prior to the semester of student teaching. At this session the students submit their application for student teaching and review their remaining requirements.

  3. All students must meet the following GPA requirements for admission to the program:
    (a) Have a minimum GPA of 2.25 in Mathematical Sciences courses which are available for credit toward and required for the major and/or licensure.
    (b) Have a minimum GPA of 2.25 in those courses in (a) numbered above 231.
    (c) Have a minimum overall NIU GPA of 2.50 (undergraduates or postgraduates) or a minimum overall NIU GPA of 3.00 (students-at-large or graduate students).

  4. All students must have completed at NIU MATH 232 or MATH 240 and at least one MATH or STAT course numbered 350 or above, or have completed at NIU two MATH or STAT courses numbered 350 or above.

  5. All students must have completed, or be enrolled in, courses including 100 clock-hours of pre-student teaching clinical experiences.

  6. All students must have passed the Test of Academic Proficiency of the Illinois Licensure Testing System or complete the ACT with writing substitution for the TAP.


All students must maintain the above GPA requirements and complete the clinical experiences with a grade of S in order to be retained in the program and to student teach. Students must conduct themselves in a professional manner during all clinical experiences, including student teaching, in order to be retained in the program.

Completion Requirements:

All students must have completed all discipline course requirements, professional education course requirements, and the additional requirements for educator licensure in mathematics and must pass the Mathematics Content Area Test and the edTPA of the Illinois Licensure Testing System.