Educator Licensure - General Education

Additional Requirements for Mathematics Educator Licensure

All students seeking initial educator licensure in mathematics for grades 9 - 12 must complete the following general education requirements. No course for licensure should be taken as pass/fail.

  1. Foundational Studies (9 hours) [not counting MATH 229, which is counted with mathematics courses]:
    [Note: 6 hours if Writing Composition Foundational Studies Competency Exams passed.]
    (a) Oral Communication (3 hours)
    (b) Written Communication (6 hours)

  2. Knowledge Domain (21-22 hours)
    (a) Creativity and Critical Analysis (6 hours) ENGL 350(3) strongly recommended
    (b) Nature and Technology (9-10 hours)
    [Note: Course work must be in at least two science fields with a minimum of two classroom courses in one science field. Course work must include one science lab course.]
    (c) Society and Culture (6 hours) EPFE 201 (3) required.

  3. Additional Requirements
    Current First Aid/CPR Certification (hospital/community center) valid during student teaching semester.