Northern Illinois University
Mathematics Education Doctorates

Ph.D.'s from the Department of Mathematical Sciences,
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Vicki Schell, 1991
Lenior Rhyne College, North Carolina
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Director: Merlyn Behr
An Investigation of the Role of Symmetry in Partitioning Tasks

David Klanderman, 1996
Trinity Christian College, Illinois
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Director: Helen Khoury
Preservice Teachers' Level of Understanding Variables and Functions within Multiple Representational Modes

Esther M. Huntzinger Billings, 1998
Grand Valley State University, Michigan
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Director: Helen Khoury
Qualitative-Based Reasoning of Preservice Elementary School Teachers in Proportion Situations

Jason Thrun, 1999
University of Wisconsin at Plattville
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Director: Helen Khoury
College students' rational-number-as-operator strategies: A focus on students' coordination of units and distributivity of operators in problem-solving situations

Bharath Sriraman, 2002
University of Montana
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Directors: Robert Wheeler, Alan Zollman & Harvey Switzky
A Grounded-Research Qualitative Study of Ninth Grade Students' Generalization Processes in Combinatorial Problem-Solving Items - with Connections to Mathematical Creativity

Robert Capetta, 2007
College of DuPage
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Director: Alan Zollman
Reflective Abstraction on the concept of limit: An experimental study to improve student performance in College Calculus by promoting Reflective Abstraction through Individual, Peer, Instructor and Curriculum Initiates

Phillip Kisunzu, 2008
CAMELA, University of Arizona
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Director: Helen Khoury
Teacher Instructional Practices, Students' Mathematical Dispositions and Mathematical Achievement

Ed.D.'s from the College of Education

Moti Shertzer, 1995
Ed.D., Educational Psychology
The effects of metacognitive and metasocial processes on mathematical problem-solving skills

Lyle Harris, 1996
Ed.D., Curriculum & Instruction, Director: Frank Bazeli
An analysis of mathematical achievement, differential aptitude, academic attitudes, and demographic characteristics of ability grouped ninth-grade mathematics students

Rich Wyllie, 1996
Ed.D., Curriculum & Instruction, Co-Directors: Frank Bazeli & Helen Khoury
The effects of implementing a supplemental research-based instructional unit on students' cognitive related obstacles associated with linear equation solving in algebra.

Ellen Hines, 1998
Ed.D., Curriculum & Instruction, Co-Directors: Frank Bazeli & Helen Khoury
Analysis of processes used by middle-school students to interpret functions embedded in dynamic physical models and represented in tables, equations, and graphs

McKenna, Neal 1992
Ed.D., Curriculum & Instruction, Co-Directors: Frank Bazeli & Merlyn Behr
Relationships among community college algebra students' conceptions of variable, working memory capacity, the complexity and context of variable expressions, and their effects on the students' abilities to unitize variable complexes

Keith Drew, 1999
Judson College, Illinois, Director: Nina Dorsch
Ed.D., Curriculum & Instruction
National vision and local practice: A discrepancy evaluation case study of one teacher's geometry class

Marilyn Zopp, 1999
Ed.D., Curriculum & Instruction, Director: Carla Shaw
Mathematics anxiety, the adult student, and the community college

Murawska, Jaclyn M. 2013
Saint Xavier University, Chicago, IL
Ed.D., Curriculum & Instruction: Curriculum Leadership, Co-Directors: Elizabeth Wilkins & Helen Khoury
Preservice Elementary School Teachers' Conceptual Understanding of Place Value Within a Constructivist Framework.