Mathematics Education Laboratory Policies

1. During the time in which a class is in session in the laboratory, a student who is not enrolled in that class will not be allowed to use the lab unless the instructor of the class in session gives permission to the student prior to the beginning of the class session.

2. Only 500- and 600-level courses which have a frequent need for use of materials in the lab will be schedule for class sessions in the laboratory.

3. The laboratory will be a repository for both instructional and research materials in mathematics education. There should be only minimal duplication of materials which can be found in Founders' Library. Space on shelves for instruction materials and separately for research materials will be designated.

4. All instructional and research materials removed from the laboratory for whatever the purpose shall be removed only by faculty members and should be signed out (so others know where they are).

5. Before materials in the laboratory are to be disposed of (in any way) the need for such action listing the specific materials shall be brought to the attention of the entire mathematics education faculty.

September 26, 1996