NIU Math Department
Current and Past Events

September 2013

ILAS 1965 Special Issues of Journals and Research Monograph in Honor of Professor Biswa Datta.

The annual Awards Ceremony was held on April 21, 2013.

September 2012

An article about the MSP grant appeared in NIU Today and Rockford's The Voice

August 2012

NIU Today article about the departmental Applications Involvement Component (AIC) program

The new reading room is open for business: see a picture, and another one

May 2012

Prof. Karabi Datta passed away on May 8 after a long ilness.

February 2012

Rachael Bardell receives a Forward, Together Forward scholarship

November 2011

Alan Zollman receives an Outstanding Leadership Award from the School Science and Mathematics Association

April 2011

Harvey Blau named a Presidential Teaching Professor

September 2010

Midwest Ring Theory Conference

May 2010

Conference in honor of David Drasin and Linda Sons, UIUC, May 21-23, 2010 (conference website)

April 2010

llinois/Missouri Applied Harmonic Analysis Seminar, NIU, April 24, 2010

October 2009

Cindy Stecher receives the Flener Award

50th Anniversary Departmental Open House reception

August 2009

NIU Math Department hosted a Linear Algebra Conference

February 2009

Gerard Awanou has won an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship

September 2008

The MSP grant: `Excellence in the Middle', under the direction of Helen Khoury and Mary Shafer, developed a NEW Master degree specialization in Middle School Mathematics Education in our department. Final approval for the new specialization was given by IBHE on August 12, 2008. See catalog for details.

April 2008

Mohsen Pourahmadi named a Presidential Research Professor

April 2007

Nader Ebrahimi named a Presidential Research Professor

January 2007

B.N. Datta honored at an IEEE workshop

April 2005

A. Zollman receives an Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

C. Stecher receives the 2005 Outstanding Teaching Award

March 2005

B. N. Datta receives IEEE Plaque of Honor

May 2004

W. D. Blair named a Presidential Teaching Professor

April 2003

A. Zollman elected director of the School Science and Mathematics Association

January 2003

A. Zollman elected vice-president of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning

December 17, 2002

Memorial service for our distinguished colleague, Jindrich Necas, who passed away on December 5

August 2002

Semigroup Conference in honor of Don McAlister

July 2002

Summer Math Camp for High School students

June 2002

Biswa N. Datta Elected to the Academy of Nonlinear Sciences

May 2002

Richard Blecksmith receives the NIU Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award

January 2002

NIU press release about the "Measuring Up" project

July 2001

Biswa N. Datta receives an award in Turkey
Summer Math Camp for High School students

September 2000

"Zettlfest", a Conference in honor of Tony Zettl

July 2000

Summer Math Camp for High School students

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