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Subject: ILAS 1965 Special Issues of Journals and Research Monograph in Honor of Professor Biswa Datta
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SUBJECT: Special Issues of Journals and Research Monograph in Honor of Professor Biswa Datta

Biswa Nath Datta has been honored by the following recent publications dedicated to him.
A special issue on "Inverse Problems in Science and Industry" of the journal "Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications" ( Vol. 20, 167-170, 2013), has been dedicated to Biswa Nath Datta. The issue contains 17 papers, which address a variety of the theoretical issues, and applications, associated with inverse problems. The publication recognizes Biswa Datta's many significant contributions to linear algebra and control theory. This special issue was edited by Eric Chu, W.-W.Lin and Lothar Reichel.

A research monograph entitled "Numerical Linear Algebra in Signals, Systems and Control" ( Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 80, Springer, 2011), was dedicated to Biswa Nath Datta.  The monograph was edited by Paul Van Dooren, Shankar Bhattacharyya, Raymond Chan, Vadim Olshevsky and Aurobinda Routray . It contains contributions by some of the leading researchers in these areas which included several invited talks delivered at the International workshop under the same title held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India in 2007. Datta was honored at a banquet ceremony organized by the local IEEE Chapter during the conference for " his numerous contributions in the area of numerical linear algebra with control and systems theory, and signal processing". The ceremony was presided by the -then President of IEEE Chapter, IIT-Kharagpur. The speakers included, Rajendra Bhatia, the late Gene Golub, Volker Mehrmann, B. M. Mohan, and Paul Van Dooren.
A special issue of the journal "Linear Algebra and its Applications" ( Volume 434, Issue 7, April, 2011), was dedicated to Datta "in recognition of his contributions to Linear Algebra, his enthusiasm for linear algebra and its applications, and his efforts over the years to bring together researchers in Linear Algebra with scientists and engineers, who work on applications for which linear algebra is essential". It was noted there that " Biswa Datta's enthusiasm for Linear Algebra and its applications has been a source of inspiration for many colleagues and students". The editors of this issue were Richard Brualdi, Robert Plemmons, Lothar Reichel and Qiang Ye. This issue contained papers on theory, computations and applications of Linear Algebra, mostly based on some of invited and contributed talks given at the IMS Conference on "Linear Algebra, Numerical Linear Algebra and Applications", held at Northern Illinois University, August, 2011.
Biswa was honored by distinguished linear algebraists in a banquet ceremony of this conference. The speakers included, Shankar Bhattacharyya, Richard Brualdi, James Nagy, Robert Plemmons, Hans Schneider, and Vadim Sokolov. The ceremony was presided by William Blair who was the Chairman of the Department of Mathematical Sciences of NIU at that time.

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