September 3, 2014


To: Department Chairs & Division Directors
   College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
From: Christopher K. McCord, Dean
Re: Personnel Regulations

According to section 6.21 of the NIU Constitution & Bylaws, "Departments shall provide faculty members with statements of criteria and policies for various personnel actions, the types of evidence to be evaluated, the procedures to be followed in making personnel recommendations - including provisions for student participation in the personnel process - and dates for compliance…" Each new faculty member, appointed on a regular faculty contract, shall be given a copy of these and all other pertinent college and university personnel policies when employed."

Per agreement with the Provost's Office, departments will have discharged their responsibilities if they provide a list of the relevant documents to faculty members and make these documents available for inspection. If, however, a faculty member requests a copy of any of these documents, the department should provide one.

The list of relevant personnel documents at the College, University, and Board of Trustees levels is as follows:

Board of Trustees Regulations, Article III (The Board of Trustees and NIU)

NIU Constitution and By-Laws

Academic Policies and Procedures Manual, Section II

Working Rules for the University Council Personnel Committee

CLAS Policies, Procedures, and Criteria Concerning Personnel Recommendations

Working Rules of the CLAS College Council, Procedures on Appeal of Department Recommendation

Equally important are your departmental personnel documents. At a minimum, each faculty member should be provided with a copy or a web-site reference of any departmental documents that deal with

   annual merit reviews
   annual reviews of progress toward tenure
   tenure and promotion reviews.
   [all can be found in the departmental Personnel Procedures document]

Let me also remind you that you must provide up-to-date copies of these departmental documents for the College office and that any substantive changes in departmental personnel practices and policies must be approved by the College Council.

cc: Lisa Freeman, Executive Vice President and Provost