Applications Involvement Component (AIC) Policy

All Ph.D. students are required to complete the Applications Involvement Component (AIC) for their degree.

Students are to enroll in 2 credit hours of MATH 792 each semester up until they have secured an internship. Students enroll in 1 credit hour when the internship is completed but the report and presentation are still to be completed. Students are still required to continue to attend the weekly meetings until the report has been accepted and the associated public presentation given.

During the semester when the internship takes place, students should enroll for 6 credit hours of MATH 792. This number of credit hours may be reduced when the internship is deemed pro bono by the AIC director, in which case the required credit hours will be the difference between 9 and the accumulated number of credit hours of MATH 792 earned to that point; in no circumstances will it be less than 1 credit or more than 6 credit hours.

Attendance at the weekly AIC meetings is mandatory until the AIC degree requirement is completed. These weekly meetings consist of talks by invited speakers as well as other activities tailored to the current needs of the students in Math 792. The presentation of student reports, which are submitted after the conclusion of the internship, will be given at these weekly meetings.

To facilitate and improve the efficiency of the director's support of the search for internships, both a survey and a face-to-face meeting with the director must be completed at the early stages of the AIC-tenure.

Completion of the AIC degree requirement is solely the purview of the Graduate Studies Committee in consultation with the AIC director.

Last modified: 02/01/2018 (jt)