Students who take the AP exams in Calculus can earn NIU credit for one or even two semesters of calculus.

A score of 3-5 on the AB test or a score of 2-3 on the BC test will earn credit for MATH 229 and entry into MATH 230 and other courses for which MATH 229 is a prerequisite (e.g. CSCI 240).

A score of 4-5 on the BC test will earn credit for both MATH 229 and MATH 230, and entry into the courses for which MATH 230 is a prerequisite (MATH 232, MATH 336, MATH 360, and STAT 350).

Students who take the AP exam in Statistics can receive credit for STAT 100 (if they score a 3) or STAT 200 (if they score at least a 4). Note however that these courses are not required for the degrees in Mathematical Sciences, so students will earn only graduation credit (3 or 4 hours, respectively) for these courses, and will still need to take STAT 300 for the major or (as an elective for) the minor.

You must specifically request that your AP score be sent to NIU. You may have done so when you registered for the AP exam. If you did not -- or even if you did, but took the AP exam well before your applied to NIU -- then the credit you have earned for our MATH 229 will not be in the NIU Registrar's database. Please consult an academic advisor if it appears that the credit you earned has not been granted (e.g. if it does not appear on your DARS report).

You cannot earn AP credit for MATH 229 if you are currently enrolled in MATH 229 or MATH 211.

There are a few other testing programs which can get you credit for NIU courses, in addition to tests which allow you to meet NIU requirements without obtaining course credit. Refer to the Credit By Exam programs.

For more details consult the University's AP credit page: Last Modified: 09/25/2015 (djg)