Advising in the Department of Mathematical Sciences

All students are encouraged to speak with university advisors on a regular basis. Your primary advisors should be those in the department of your major or minor.

For students taking mathematics courses only: Please consult with the advisors in your major department about which courses are best suited for your degree requirements and career goals. They know better than the math department what the needs are in your discipline.

However, the math department can advise all students about placement into mathematics courses; prerequisites for mathematics courses; transfer credit; proficiency exams; scheduling difficulties, and related matters. Please call the Department Office (1-815-753-0566) with questions.

For help with the courses in which you are enrolled, please consult the instructor of the course. The advisors listed below are not available to help you with homework or tutoring. If you need further assistance with your current mathematics coursework, please consult a list of available resources.

For students seeking or considering a major, minor, or professional licensure in the mathematical sciences: Please consult the appropriate advisor listed below. Your advisor can help you

  • Plan coursework for one or multiple semesters
  • Overcome administrative or other hurdles
  • Review progress towards a degree; will you graduate, and when?
  • Offer career advice --- Which degree? What follows graduation?
  • Provide contacts within the university, among graduate schools, and in the job market
The responsibility of making the most of a college career is the student's, but we are eager to offer help to those who need it. All faculty members should be able to offer suggestions and ideas, but some are designated to be aware of current procedures and opportunities.

Degree requirements are specified in the Undergraduate Catalogue. You may find that many of your other questions are answered in the Department's web pages. If not, please contact the appropriate advisor:

  • If you are or are considering becoming a graduate student in the mathematical sciences, contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof Sien Deng:
  • If you are seeking licensure to teach mathematics, contact the Coordinator for Teacher Certification, Ms Renee Olsen:
  • If you are or are considering becoming an undergraduate math minor, contact Prof. Joseph Stephen:
  • Undergraduate majors whose emphasis is in Mathematics Education will be assigned advisors from among the faculty. The list of assignments is available from the Department office 753-0566.
  • Undergraduate majors in all other emphases and those who are unsure of which emphasis is best should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Alastair Fletcher:

Department advisors are NOT intended to be a resource to help students with work in particular courses. Students should make contact with their individual instructors during office hours or at other mutually convenient times.

Last modified: 09/19/2016 (djg)