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The Eugene W. Hellmich Mathematics Prize

The Eugene W. Hellmich Mathematics Prize Scholarship was established by a generous bequest of the late Professor E. W. Hellmich, who had a long and distinguished career as a mathematics professor and department head at Northern. According to the stipulations of the bequest, this scholarship is intended to provide assistance for graduate study for a graduating senior or seniors at Northern Illinois University who demonstrate ability, excellent character, and the commitment to teach mathematics at the secondary level.

Recipients for the Eugene W. Hellmich Mathematics Prize Scholarship will be selected from those who will be attending graduate school with the intention to teach mathematical sciences at the secondary level, and who are among those with the highest scholastic average. This scholarship is not limited to those who will graduate in the mathematics education emphasis for their B.S. in Mathematical Sciences. The recipients shall be selected annually by the Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences in consultation with appropriate members of the faculty and members of the Teacher Education Committee of the Department.

Candidates are required to document, in writing, their future career intentions, and to give a rationale as to why they feel worthy of the Eugene Hellmich Award. If your career plans fit the requirements of this scholarship, please contact the Department by the middle of your final semester as an undergraduate.

Award: $6000/semester if attending NIU full-time or $3000/semester if attending NIU half-time.

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Qingkai Kong
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