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Scholarships in the Department of Mathematical Sciences

There are several sources of scholarships and awards available to mathematics students. While it is unfortunately true that we do not have money to award scholarships to all deserving students, we do recognize many of our strongest students within the Department, and encourage them to apply for funding from outside as well.

Your primary resource for scholarship information at NIU is the Scholarship Office. They have a list of university-wide awards for which mathematics students are typically strong contenders. In particular, students in our department are encouraged to apply, if eligible, for

Note: from time to time a student of exceptional promise may not meet the letter of the requirements, or misses the application deadline, but is still awarded the scholarship. If you believe you are in this group, it may be to your advantage to apply anyway! Rules are rules, but occasionally (for a group as strong as math majors!) rules can be bent. For further information, contact an advisor in the math department.

There are several other university-wide scholarships for which an individual may be eligible, depending on characteristics not related to his or her major in this department. Please consult the Scholarship Office for more information.

Students pursing a career as teachers of mathematics are encouraged to apply for the State's Illinois Future Teacher Corps Scholarships, designed especially to assist students preparing for teaching careers in high-need disciplines.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers various scholarships and awards to our majors. The decisions of most of them are made in March. Make sure you submit applications before the deadline February 1.

The awards given by the Department to incoming freshmen and incoming transfer students are

Each of these awards has been made possible by a generous donor to allow us to attract the best students to our program, both incoming freshmen and transfer students. Awards are based on the candidates' records supplied to the Admissions office, so in order to be eligible, students must indicate at the time of application to NIU that they intend to pursue a major in our department. (If you were admitted with a different major, you will have to notify the Admissions Office if you wish to change to Mathematical Sciences, and you must notify our department to let us know that you wish to be included in the candidate pool.)

The awards given by the Department to continuing or graduating students are

A number of generous bequests have enabled the Department to make financial awards to a few students each year. The following awards are primarily prizes, not scholarships: no application form is usually needed, and the award is typically made at the end of the school year (possibly upon graduation) to reward accomplishment. Recipients are recognized at the Department's annual Commencement Brunch each May. A list of recent recipients can be found on our main web pages.

Students in the mathematical sciences are also invited to apply for certain other scholarships. Naturally, these students -- who tend to be very bright and hard-working! -- are good candidates for any scholarship open to students from many majors. But we mention here a scholarship that specifically solicit applicants from our department:

In addition to these recognitions open to undergraduates, the Department awards a Certificate of Teaching Excellence to exceptional doctoral students, based on sustained excellence as graduate teaching assistants as well as academic achievement.

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