Teaching in the NIU Mathematics Department

Our department is proud of its excellent teaching tradition. Our faculty combine their own interest in research mathematics with an ongoing desire to help students understand what is useful and beautiful in mathematics.

Here you'll find small sections -- for courses for math majors, usually no more than 30 students in a class. You'll find teachers who are recognized as excellent -- many of them have won awards for their teaching. You'll find serious innovation and research into the teaching itself -- in fact, the discipline of Mathematics Education is one of the specialties represented particularly strongly in our department. You'll find many ways to get assistance with your coursework. Advanced students can even participate in the teaching mission, either as paper-graders or tutors, and for those seeking certification to teach in Illinois, as student-teachers.

The teaching isn't confined to the classroom, either. Our faculty take a real interest in our students. Mathematical Sciences majors can count on working with their professors outside the class -- during regular office hours, in private reading courses, in undergraduate research projects, and in the Math Club.

Faculty within the department have been given some of Northern's highest honors for teaching. Professors William Blair, Harvery Blau, John Beachy, Linda Sons, and Robert Wheeler have all been awarded the Presidential Teaching Professorships. (These are prestigious University-Wide awards.) Professors Richard Blecksmith, Daniel Grubb, Bernard Harris, Henry Leonard, Harvey Blau, William Blair, Peter Nicholls, John Beachy, Linda Sons, Robert Wheeler, and Alan Zollman have all been recognized with the Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Our department stands among the most-recognized in the university for its excellent teachers!

A large part of our undergraduate program involves the preparation of future teachers at the secondary level. These teachers -- our students -- speak particularly highly of the quality of their teachers -- our faculty. There's plenty more information about our teacher certification programs!

Our teaching mission extends beyond the math majors, too! We offer classes from basic remedial work through advanced research seminars for PhD students.

Does this sound like the kind of teaching environment you'd like to be part of? Contact us!

Last modified: 09/19/2016 (djg)