by John A. Beachy and William D. Blair

ISBN 0-88133-866-4, copyright 1996, 427 pages
Waveland Press, P.O. Box 400, Prospect Heights, Illinois, 60070, Tel. 847 / 634-0081

Supplementary Material, written by John Beachy

Abstract Algebra: Supplementary Lecture Notes

These notes are intended for graduate students who are using our book as a reference, and need to cover topics beyond those in the text. At this point, the supplement includes the following sections.

7.8 Nilpotent Groups
7.9 Semidirect Products
7.10 Classification of Groups of Small Order
As time permits, I hope to add material on fields and Galois theory, to supplement Chapters 6 and 8. It is 24 pages in length.

The supplementary lecture notes are available to interested readers, in pdf format (suitable for Adobe Acrobat Reader) or postscript format (564K). The file (supplement.ps) is also available via anonymous FTP at our departmental site (math.niu.edu) in the directory /pub/papers/Beachy.

A note on postscript files

In Netscape, clicking on the file while holding down the shift key should allow you to download the file, which can then be printed on a postscript capable printer. If you need your own postscript viewer, you can obtain information from the Ghostview site.

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