Department of Mathematical Sciences, Northern Illinois University

MATH 620, Fall 2005

1:00-1:50 T, DU 464; 2:00-2:50 W F, DU 412

INSTRUCTOR: Professor John Beachy, Watson 355, 753-6753

OFFICE HOURS: MWF 11:00-12:00, or by appointment.

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Homological Algebra (3). Categories and functors, projective and injective modules, complexes and homology, Ext, Tor, and dimensions. Applications to cohomology of groups and ring theory.

TEXT: Basic Homological Algebra, by M. Scott Osborne

SYLLABUS: Chapter 1, Categories; Chapter 2, Modules; Chapter 3, Ext and Tor; Chapter 4, Dimension Theory (Sections 1,2); and possibly parts of Chapter 6, Derived Functors.

    An Introduction to Homological Algebra, by Joseph Rotman
    A History of Homological Algebra, by Charles Weibel (40 page dvi file)   |   local copy


The connecting homomorphism   |   expansion of Osborne's diagram on page 49