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Institutions and Organizations

American Mathematical Society
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     Downloadable books
     Current Mathematics Subject Classification page from the AMS
     Local copy of the MSC2000 (in PDF)
     Local copy of the MSC2020 (in PDF)
     MathSciNet -- Math Reviews online
     MathSciNet mirrors: Rice University, Bielefeld, Bonn, Strasbourg
     Notices of the AMS

Mathematical Association of America

National Science Foundation
     Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences
     FastLane (grants)

Association for Women in Mathematics

Reference Sources

NIU University Libraries
Math-Net (International Mathematical Union)
Math ArXiv (UC Davis/Los Alamos)
WWW Virtual Mathematics Library (Florida State)
Many Mathematics Resources (Penn State)
Conference Abstracts (York U.)
Unsolved Problems (from Wolfram)
Math History (St. Andrews)
Math History (Clark University)
The Math Forum (Swarthmore)
J. Martindale's Reference Desk
Math Genealogy Project (N. Dakota State University)
Abstract Algebra On-Line (John Beachy)
Open Online Courses

Selected Research Centers

University of Minnesota Geometry Center (now defunct)

Problems, Projects and Tutorials

"20,000 Problems Under the Sea" (U. Missouri-Rolla)
International Mathematics Olympiad (with links to other competition problems)
Real Analysis Tutorial

Selected Book Publishers

John Wiley and Sons
Simon and Schuster (MacMillan, Prentice-Hall)
Springer Verlag


Mathematics-related fiction
Oberwolfach Photo Collection
Physics Resources (Umea University, Sweden)