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Minors for Mathematical Sciences Majors

There is a separate page for students from other departments who are interested in a minor in mathematical sciences.

Students majoring in the mathematical sciences are welcome to take minors, or even double majors, in other departments. Indeed, many students find this to be a productive way to select electives and general-education courses, enhancing their degree and their resume, and allowing them to pursue other fields of interest for professional or personal growth. Several NIU faculty members both in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and in other departments have done just that, and can share their experiences with you. We, here, feature an essay by NIU Presidential Teaching Professor in Music, and former math major, William Goldenberg.

Note that students in the Applied Mathematics emphasis are required to take a minor in an approved discipline. Approval comes from the Director of Undergraduate Studies and is given only for minors in which the student will genuinely apply mathematics. Another major in a different field may meet the requirement for a minor, again subject to the approval of the math department.

For other emphases in Mathematical Sciences, minors are optional.

A minor typically requires about a half-dozen courses in that department, some specifically required and others elective. But requirements vary considerably; consult your Undergraduate Catalogue for complete information.

Some important rules regarding minors:

The following are some of the more common programs in which mathematical sciences students have taken minors or double majors: Physics, Chemistry, Meteorology (major only), Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Philosophy, Finance, OMIS (major only), Physical Education (Coaching), and Health Education. In addition, we have majors in our department who are participating in programs in English, Chinese, Spanish, Political Science, Art, Psychology, and so on. Mathematics students are a versatile lot!

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