Minors in the Mathematical Sciences

A mathematical sciences minor can help prepare you for a career in many fields. It demonstrates problem-solving skills and proficiency with technical subjects. Not only is it a natural fit for scientific and technical majors, it also complements majors like education, foreign languages and music. You'll also be poised to double-major in math. Learn more about our bachelor's degree program.

You can focus your minor on general math, applied math, math education or elementary math education. For more information, contact:

Programs of Study

There are four options for the minor:

  • General: for students with a strong interest in mathematics. (If your major is computer science with an emphasis in theoretical computer science, you'll automatically complete the coursework for this minor.)
  • Applied mathematics: for engineering majors, who may need just one or two additional math courses to obtain the minor.
  • Mathematics education: for students pursuing educator licensure in a different area who wish to obtain an endorsement to teach math in grades 6-8 or 9-12. You must meet additional requirements to earn the endorsement. The minor is not required to earn the endorsement.
  • Elementary mathematics education: for future elementary school teachers who wish to specialize in mathematics. This minor meets the mathematics requirements for an endorsement to teach math in grades 6-8.

Planning Your Minor

The minor begins with the first calculus course, MATH 229. Due to prerequisites, you'll have to take minor courses one at a time, not concurrently. You should speak with an advisor early in the program and begin the calculus sequence by your sophomore year.

View complete course requirements.

Social Sciences and Business Majors

If you're majoring in the social sciences or business, you're required to take either MATH 211 or MATH 229. Since you may not receive credit for taking both courses, we encourage you to take MATH 229 if you're considering a math minor and have the ability to do so.

Future Teachers

It's possible to minor in math and complete the requirements for an endorsement to teach math at an appropriate level, if you have a valid teaching certificate. However, teaching math in grades 9-12 requires approximately the equivalent of a math major. Learn more about educator licensure in math.

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